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Rooftop Party

Private Events And Party

Soy Story Vegan Sushi Catering isn’t just an event catering service. We take care of everything. When you call us for help with your event, you can safely assume that every little detail is taken care of. Our team of experienced event designers will work with you to pick the perfect decorations, floral arrangements, entertainment, bar services, and menu items to present a spectacular event. Our event catering service is second to none, combining indulgent cuisine, warm service, and stunning event design to create a meaningful experience. We handle catering for events, small party catering, and more. If you need caterers for events, social or otherwise, Soy Story Vegan Sushi Catering delivers an unforgettable memories. We work hard to make sure our clients are blown away with every event we create. If you want a caterer for events that will go the extra 100 miles, call Soy Story Vegan Sushi Catering. We know the tiniest details make an event come to life, and those details are our passion. Let us help you create a stunning event for you and your guests.

The Areas We Serve

Soy Story Vegan Sushi Catering proudly serves the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas. If you’re dreaming of a spectacular event in the LA and Las Vegas areas, all you need to do is contact Soy Story Vegan Sushi Catering team to make it happen.

What We Will Provide & What You Need To Prepare

We will bring real flowers and authentic Japanese bamboo and plates to decorate the station; we also provide wasabi, ginger, premium soy sauce, chopsticks. We also provide warmer / beverage dispensers if you add any Hot Food and Drinks to the event. 

You will need to prepare the Plates & napkins for the guests, and we got the rest.

Minimum Headcount?!!

There is no minimum headcount requirement, at Soy Story Vegan Sushi, we also provide private chef service, if you have a small group less than 8 people, we can still design and customize the menu for you.

Who Will Clean Up The Station

Our chefs/team will break down the sushi station and clean up the working area (which might be the kitchen counter or the prep table), but our chefs are not responsible for clean up the dining area or used plates/utensils.


If you are planing a big party and don't want to worry about cleaning, no problem, we can schedule cleaning staff to your event and clean up everything with additional cost.

Other Services We Can Provide

Outdoor Summer Party
Classical Event

Entertainment and More...

"We have good connections with some of the best night live spot in town, so whether you want to have a musican, fire dancer, burlesque dancer, magician, live band, DJ or more, you name it, we schedule it."
* Please note for some special performers require at least 4-6 weeks advance booking
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